Armani Privé Eclat de Jasmin review

M: Tell me, E. Have you smelled Armani’s jasmine perfume?

E: No. Is it lovely?

M: I thought Armani only did perfume with italian words on it. Like GIO and ACQUA DI TOBLERONE.

E: Acqua di Pannetone. Ezzenzi di Ferrero Rocher.

M: Perfume di Papardelle.

E: Hehehehe. Did this not smell of ragu then?

M: No, not ragu, but it smelled so delicious. My friend sprayed it on her hand and I followed her round Selfridges, wanting to EAT her.

E: Wow. How .. frightening.

M: It just smells of flowers. The sweetest, prettiest, most fragile jasmine flowers. Sob.

E: Why are you sobbing?

M: Because it is £135 or something.

E: Awww. Never mind. This will cheer you up:

M: HA. That bottle looks ridiculous. It’s like a hippie on a monolith.

E: You think? To me it’s a gigantic deformed mouth. Probably eating ragu.

M: Let’s read what the Space Lizard himself has to say about it.

“A fragrance which sings the praises of light and life”.

E: Not at all ambitious, then.

M: “Giorgio Armani likes the Jasmine fragrances of his childhood, a long way from the hypnotic mysteries of the Grasse extracts; he likes its solar energy”

E: “Solar energy”. But that’s like ADMITTING that he’s a space lizard!

M: Do you like perfume’s solar energy, E?

E: No, I fear it. It wishes to do me harm.

M: The rose quartz top drinks in the light, apparently.

E: This is some big time reptile alien conspiracy shit right here.

M: Did I ever tell you about the giant crystal at the National Museum of Scotland?

E: I don’t believe so, M, no.

M: I went there to look at the taxidermied animals. There have a great big purple crystal. My friend told me last time he was there, some old hippy was standing in front of it, with his eyes closed and his head thrown back, arms spread open. DRINKING IN THE CRYSTAL POWER. That’s what Armani does. I’m not sure I want this anymore. Especially if it “takes root in the warm terrace of Indonesian Patchouli.”

E: Uh oh. That’s concentrated essence of hippy right there. There are hand-cured thong sandals abandoned on that terrace. And cheesecloth.

M: Pffff. The copy writer has ruined it for me. I am sulking.

E: Leave it to the solar hippy lizards. Anyway, cheer up M. I mean look! It’s a breakthrough! YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT FRAGRANCE. YOU VOWED YOU WOULD NEVER DO THAT.

M: Shut your face. I am not.

E: I think you’ll find you are.

M: Don’t know what you are talking about. I think you’ll find I know you are but what am I.

E: Tsk, M. There is nothing to be afraid of. Soon you will be wittering about “dry down”.

M: I don’t want to know what that is.

E: And “top notes”. And erm. no. My fragrance vocabulary stops there.

M: Humph. Let’s pretend this never happened. If you are my friend, you will pretend this never happened.

E: It never happened (I have just told the whole internet).

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  • May 29, 2012

    Wee Birdy

    “Ezzenzi di Ferrero Rocher” – go on, I dare you to go to one of those custom perfume shops in Paris and make up a suitable concoction.

    I usually skip most fragrance reviews, so it says something that I’m reading YOURS, doesn’t it? (What exactly it says I’m not quite sure.)

    Also, I lost the competition. I didn’t even make the finals. Loser.

  • May 29, 2012


    Nooooooooo. Fuck. Maybe you could kidnap one of the finalists and wear her skin?

    (I should be careful about these kinds of suggestions, shouldn’t I. I will probably end up in prison).

  • May 30, 2012

    Musing on Beauty

    “Acqua di Pannetone”. hahaha *dies*

  • July 31, 2012

    Walter the Softie

    Umm… It’s actually £145, apparently. Sob.

    Although… I was at Pitmuies Garden recently and their conservatory, open to the garden on that one sunny day in June, was home to a *huge* jasmine plant that was scenting the whole garden. My friend and I were led by our noses, trancelike, into the conservatory where we just stood and made bug eyes of ecstasy at each other. Kate eventually muttered that it was *so* good it might well render you clinically insane, and we shuffled out.

    So yeah, probably worth every penny.

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