Becca Luminous Skin Colour review


M: E, I’ve always wanted to be one of those effortlessly beautiful girls. You know the ones.

E: Yes. They don’t look like mole rats in the morning, damn them.

M: Tall, long limbs and what not. The tousled honey colored hair. The smattering of insouciant freckles

E: The radiance. Always with the radiance.

M: YES. That healthy surfer girl glow.

E: Bitches.

M: LITHE. That’s what they are, E. Radiantly LITHE.

E: We do NOT have long limbs, do we?

M: erm, no.

E: We actually couldn’t muster a long limb if we put all 8 of ours together

M:We have 8 limbs between the two of us? OH MY GOD. You know what that means, dont you E. DON’T YOU?? WE ARE AN OCTOPUS? Slurp slurp slurp. That’s the noise the tentacles make when they hold on to your face to drag you under.

E: I worry about you, M. Whatcha got in your octolimbs today for us?

M: We may not have long limbs, but I have something that might get us a bit of that healthy antipodean glow. BECCA.

E: Ah, Becca. It’s like Bondi Beach in a prettily frosted pump dispenser. Flat whites, er, wallabies, beer.. Er.. ok, I’m losing it. Help me out. It’s like a pump action baby marsupial, right?

M: Right. Soft. Fluffy. Glowy. Oh so glowy. Maybe not quite as furry.

E: What Becca do you have, M?

M: I have the luminous skin colour. Which is the acest tinted moisturiser there ever was. Remember how I described it as a fluffy marshmallow cloud?
Then you went and bought some.

E: I did. And I love it. But keep your voice down, because Laura Mercier is going to KILL US.

M: Oh yes, sssssh. What do you think of it?

E: It’s brilliant. It just makes me look .. better. Better than I have any right to look on my diet of vodka and hula hoops and staring at a screen for 19 hours a day. You got me so enthused I went back and got some shimmering skin perfector too because I want to glow like the gorgeously freshfaced girls on the becca counter.

M: I got the primer. We’re becoming Becca junkies.

E: Any good?

M: Yeah, it’s good shit. Like light polyfilla for your face, all the craggy bits just get smoothed away. Smoooooooooothed.

E: The skin perfector is a light, shimmering highlighter. I have “Opal”. It gives a soft glow. Small children and bunnies no longer recoil in horror when I walk past. It’s pretty damn glowy though. Only a tiny amount needed or you shine like a 1970s alien.

M: I am jealous. Jealous of the highlighting alien goodness. Does it diffuse? Like a gri gri?

E: Yes, it diffuses exactly like a voodoo accessory, yes M.

M: So. Becca. It wards off evil spirits, looks awesome, covers sallowness of skin and pockmarks, and the pump’s good.

E: What’s not to like?

M: The fact it makes you perma-shiny in a hot climate? And the price, E, the price.

E: Pfff, price, schmice. You get to look like Elle Macpherson’s hotter, erm, very much younger sister? Daughter perhaps. I DON’T KNW ANY HOT YOUNG AUSTRALIANS. RUSSELL CROWE?

M: Shhhh. Go lie down on a marshmallow cloud.

Becca Luminous Skin Colour, £35

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M likes bright powders in tiny pots and anything that will make her hair more Jen Brill and less Shaun the Sheep.


  • September 25, 2012

    Musing on Beauty

    Ah, the Becca look. You see their promo pictures and you immediately want to be one of those girls, even if the price is 45€ for a foundation (and then there’s the primer, the illuminator, and we haven’t touched the subject of blush or eyeshadow yet!)
    But frankly I’m a bit over the Becca skin products. The shimmery thing made my skin itch like crazy, so I switched to another (Rouge Bunny Rouge, even more expensive than Becca, if it’s possible). The foundation stays tacky on the skin. What I have kept is the loose powder in sesame, that one is really good. But for tinted moisturizer I have switched to NARS (don’t tell Laura Mercier either). It’s as luminous but not tacky, it’s more siliconey so more flattering and airbrushed looking, and it has a tad bit more coverage than the Becca one. Nothing not to like about it. I recommend :)

  • September 25, 2012


    Ah, BECCA. Such good timing as I just got notice this morning that Sephora in the US is now carrying it. Never tried their skincare, but love love love their tubes of eyeshadow (especially Gilt) and Beach Tint blush.

    For foundation I am hopelessly hooked on Cle de Peau, which only cost slightly less than a first class flight to the Seychelles. If Facegoop can score you some for free do give it a try.

  • September 28, 2012


    Mrs Trefussis has me hooked on Dior Skinflash primer, but sweet baby James that stuff is spendy. But I guess not as bad as the Becca? But I am intrigued by the Nars tinted moisturizer. Perhaps when my Laura M. runs out. Very happy you ladies are back.

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  • May 24, 2013


    Ah Becca, it was too sophisticated when I first came across it at the tender age of, 15. Colour matching? I thought all foundations automatically matched? Fast forward 15 years, this stuff makes my freckles and scars look good you’ll need to pry it off my cold dead hands. I also own/owned the Laura Mercier, Nars and Chantecaille TMs (I have issues) and realise few things beat the Becca 3-step base makeup process for when you need more coverage. Unfortunately after trying to convince folks for more than a decade to do it, they too have given up and phased out their stick foundation. I am sad I can no longer look like their campaign faces.

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