Elemental Herbology – the big review


E: What’s the hurry? We haven’t posted since dinosaurs roamed Space NK, remember. Actually who are you?


E: You’ve lost me.

M: Professor Sprout will kick our arses.

E: …..?

M: For god’s sake, Ron. I am doing a whole Harry Potter-Herbology thing. Keep up.

E: Oh. I have never read Harry Potter. I fail Herbology.

M: Which is ironic, as Herbology has not failed us.

E: You speak truth.

M: We have definitely failed it though. They sent us a huge package of stuff weeks and weeks ago and we still haven’t reviewed it.

E: Oh god. It’s true.


E: Probably the worst beauty bloggists in the history of beauty bloggism.

M: It’s ok, we’ll say we were intensively testing it.

E: Which has the added advantage of being TRUE. And god knows, the poor Herbologists had their work cut out.

M: Our craggy, craggy, traumatised winter faces have tested Herbology like it has never been tested before.

E: Winter has been cruel, like something out of Game of Thrones (which I have also not read) and I have reverted to my natural state: half Medieval peasant, half badger.

M: Winter has Come. Harsh. Bitter. Windswept. And Elemental Herbology was here to keep the… bad stuff at bay. I think we’re just going to have to say it, E. WE LOVE ELEMENTAL HERBOLOGY.

E: I thought I would never love again. Yet here we are. Giddy. De-badgered.

M: I fell in love almost immediately. There was the giddy hyperventilation of opening up a care package of heavy glass jars. The sweet sweet smell of herbal whatever goes into it. The comfort of the duvet like textures. Shall we go through the products before our readers lose the will to read?

E: There aren’t any readers, M. We last updated our blog in 1896. But sure, let’s talk about cleanser into the howling void. The “Purify and Soothe” cleanser is excellent. Eve Lom-esque, but lighter. Nice camomile scent.

M: It was actually the product I liked the least. Mostly because I drunkenly managed to make the tube burst.

E: Eh? How the fuck did you do that?

M: I DO NOT KNOW. I WAS DRUNK. The balm was cold and I squeezed really hard.

M: Also, I find it a bit hard to remove.

E: You were probably drunkenly trying to wash your face with Windolene, or E45 cream. I like the texture because I am not a drunk.

M: It’s lovely. A very fine oily balm. What about the “Cell Active Rejuvenation” day moisturizer?

E: Easily absorbed. Soft and moisturising but not greasy. Nice bronzey cylinder like something you’d get at an awards ceremony.

M: Rose gold, I would call it.

E: Sure, whatever, tubesplitter.

M: This is the one with the hilarious french translation. “Creme du jour defroissante et raffermissante”. How would you translate defroissante?

E: Ha. “Uncreasing?”

M: Yes. Uncreasing and firming cream of the day.

E: Google Translate abuse: NEVER NOT FUNNY.

M: I like it. I was getting this weird rash on my limbs from the abhorrent cold a few weeks ago. Horrible itchy bumps all over my hands and arms and legs, but my face was fine, protected by the magic of Elemental Herbology.

E: Good. Moving on to the serum.

M: The serum is… good. Serumy.

E: And we wonder why we haven’t hit the big time yet. “Serumy”. Fucking hell. I haven’t really used the serum yet because I am finishing an expensive REN one a persuasive man made me buy.

M: It does nothing bad. I’m not sure if it does anything good. It is supposed to help congestion, but the traffic around Hackney Central was terrible this morning. BADOOM TISH.


E: I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear that, M. The night moisturiser? “Facial Souffle” (great name)?

M: I think this is my favourite thing. It’s like pressing a delicious tiramisu onto your face. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

E: I agree. It left me smooth and unscaly, whilst unlike tiramisu, it did not give me a double chin.

M: I do not feel ready for bed until I put it on.

E: It’s your creamy comfort blanket.

M: It is. And it does not bring out the facial pox, though it is wonderfully hydrating. Full marks, Herbologists. The other thing that is awesome is the facial peel. Put it on, leave it for four minutes, towel off, go to bed. Wake up with baby soft skin. It’s replaced Liquid Gold in my exfoliating affections.

E: It’s a winner. Light, non-irritant, very effective. After using it I wake up … not looking like a badger’s arse for once.

M: So we’ve covered the good, E. It is good. Very very good. All of it. Mad props, Elemental Herbology. Shall we mention the bad?

E: We are fearless in the pursuit of truth. Or is that cheese? It might be cheese.


E: £44 for the night cream of joy. It would be cheaper to employ someone to caress my face with asses milk all night.

M: To be fair, it will last an eternity. I have used it every night for the past 2 months, and barely used a third.

E: I hope you’re not about to start spouting some “cost per wear” bullshit.

M: Hell no. But .. you know.

E: I do, but my inner Calvinist disapproves. Can I mention the hilarious patent stuff on the tubes?

M: Oh do. I have not noticed it. I was too busy being IN LOVE WITH THE PRODUCTS.

E: The packaging is CRAMMED with details of the many patents and patents pending in proprietary Herbology formulas. Frankly, it terrifies me. If my legal training serves me…

M: Uh oh. They’ve unleashed the IP lawyer in you.

E: … I suspect we are not even allowed to say the word “herb” any more, any of us. As we speak, the herbologists’ lawyers are running round Tescos slapping injunctions on the basil.

Yes. I need to issue one of our famous Facegoop Legal Warnings. Facegoop Legal Warning: Do not even try and say the word “herb” or “element” anymore. Step away from that bouquet garni. Science teachers: cease and desist.

M: E, I am not listening to you. I am too busy looking at their website. There are other products, E. OTHER ELEMENTAL HERBOLOGY PRODUCTS. Millions of them. Stuff for the body. Stuff for the face. OH GOD I WANT IT ALL.

E: Oh man. Bath oils. Circulation serums. Gngngngnngngn. The Herbologists know our weak spots.

M: They are not just terrifying legal minds, E. They are CRACK DEALERS. The first hit’s free.

E: That’s how they get you.


E: I’ll see you in the dumpster, M. I’ll be panhandling for a hit of Herbology. I might have sold all my teeth.

M: Yes. But least you’ll have soft skin.

The goodies that were sent to us for review:

Purify and Soothe facial cleanser – £28

Cell Active moisturiser – £55

Cell Food facial serum – £42

Facial Glow radiance peel – £39

 Facial Soufflé overnight cream – £44



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M likes bright powders in tiny pots and anything that will make her hair more Jen Brill and less Shaun the Sheep.


  • February 8, 2013


    I am here! I am Reading! I am a Reader! MORE FACE GOOP. YOUR READER DEMANDS IT.

  • February 9, 2013


    ReaderS. Both of us! I have been throwing around money on skin care for months with no guidance. Please don’t abandon us again!

  • February 9, 2013


    Crikey, you’re still alive. I thought you’d been eaten by one of those scary orange women on the Clarins counter. Or perhaps you have, and your reference to scaly complexions refers to zombie skin.
    Either way, welcome back

  • February 9, 2013

    Musing on Beauty

    Oh, hei, so you’re still alive.
    Back in time to make me want to spend lots of money when I really shouldn’t…

  • February 11, 2013


    Thank you lovely readers. We are glad you are (still) here.
    Now let us roll around in facial soufflé until the snow stops.

  • February 12, 2013


    Well let’s be honest – there are few things I enjoy so much as rubbing tiramisu on my face, so what the hell? I’m in.

  • February 12, 2013


    Woop! *Cracks open tub of mascarpone*

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