Shavata Precision Tweezers review

M: So, E.

E: What is it now, M?

M: You know I have, how can I put this, problems. With hair.

E: Pfff, . I have a balding WIG. That’s a real hair problem. But continue.

M: It’s all over the place. On my head. On my chin.

E: Head: good. Chin: not so much.


E: I see. I get the picture. Unfortunately.

M: And my eyebrows. They are bushy on the inside, sparse on the outside. What’s up with that, eyebrows?

E: Awkward buggers, eyebrows. So easy to get wrong. That’s why I have mine tattooed on by an expert.

M: I have lots of tweezers. They fall into the following categories:

1. Slippery
2. Bulky
3. Blunt
4. Rusty
5. Sticky

E: Ahahahahhaah it’s the seven tweezer dwarves. Well, the five tweezer dwarves.

M: When I had money, many many moons ago, I had a subscription at Browhaus. Those were the days, E.

E: Ah, yes, the days of milk and honey and GROOMING.

M: I’d pay someone to deal with my eyebrows. I’d recline in a cloud of talcum powder and wait for them to do their magic.But those days are long gone.

E: Gone, in a puff of HMRC smoke and global financial meltdown. Sucked into Gideon’s black hole.

M: I have to do my eyebrows on my own now, E, which is basically like someone taking your baby pet unicorn away.

E: That’s so harsh. Unimaginably cruel.

M: I know. It’s a good thing you sent me these Shavata tweezers, eh?


Tweezers, muzzled for M’s own safety

E: I did! Lovely Shavata sent me them and I had nothing to tweeze!


E: SHAVATA. It is a nice word. Is she a person? Yes! Yes she is! I have found a picture!


M: I am pretty sure that Shavata used to be a skilled cardiac surgeon in another life, because these things are SHARP. They are “precision tweezers”, look:


E: Christ! You could extract a spleen with that.

M: You could pick out cactus spines with these, that’s how sharp they are. You could, in fact, extract a cactus spleen.

E: I bet you could also get a credit card out from between narrow floorboards with them. Not that I can imagine anyone would ever need that, ahem.

M: No. Or indeed, be silly enough to let that happen in the first place.

E: So. They are super pointy. But are they actually effective?

M: Yes. And that’s basically it. They are very effective. So effective in fact, that sometimes they snap the hair in half before you’ve had a chance to pull it out which is a bit annoying, but otherwise, yes. Very effective. Good tweezeing action. Deadly surgical precision.

E: Well, I suppose that’s as good as it gets until you can pay eunuchs to caress your brows off.

M: Mmmm, eunuchs. So high five, Shavata, whoever you are. Thanks to you, I do not look like Frida Kahlo.

Shavata Precision Tweezers, £19.50

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M likes bright powders in tiny pots and anything that will make her hair more Jen Brill and less Shaun the Sheep.


  • Please review more sharp objects.

  • April 3, 2013


    I succumbed to £3 brow threading yesterday and now my eye brows are ruined, so thin in awkward stuck on shapes…

    Can someone please offer these ladies a complimentary visit to one of those posh “brow bar” so we can find out more about it?

  • November 30, 2015


    Clients’ margins were decimated in milliseconds and brokers could not close
    the positions.

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