Parfumerie Générale Isparta review

Isparta perfume bottle

E: I know how much you enjoy our chats about fragrance, M.

M: Oh no. Miss M, she no here. She go away. Long time.

E:, M, I know you’re there, hiding behind your hair. Come out.


E: Nope, that’s still just your hair. Now sit down and let’s get this over with. I have been testing a sample of a new fragrance, by a “niche” perfumer called Parfumerie Générale.

M: That doesn’t sound very niche to me. It’s not, like, a range of two perfumes for goats.

E: I think by “niche” here, they are using the perfume code word for “very expensive”.

M: Ah. I like the vaguely utilitarian name, though. Carry on.

E: The consolation is Mr Parfumerie Générale himself, Pierre Guillaume.

Pierre Guillaume Parfumerie Générale

M: Awww, he looks about 12! Did you lick him? His face, I mean. Like that sort of edible wallpaper they have in the Chocolate Factory.

E: I would not have dared. I dropped a canape on the foot of one of his entourage though, which passes for foreplay in my native Yorkshire.

M: I’m disappointed, but not surprised.

E: Despite his boyish good looks, Pierre is very good at this fragrance business. All those fragrance weirdos say so (sorry, fragrance weirdos). He makes strong, offbeat, interesting smells.

M: So he is the Pierre Hermé of the fragrance world. CONTINUE.

E: Yes! And guess what, not only is the new one called ISPARTA, which is uncannily like Ispahan, our favourite Pierre Hermé cake, but it is also ROSE scented, like the Ispahan. Uncanny.

M: Cut to the chase, E. HOW DOES IT SMELL? (acceptable answers: “good”. “not bad”. “perky”.)

E: It’s a big, blowsy true rose, with a dark caramelised, complex heart.

M: Sigh. I’ll file that under “not bad”.

E: It’s a bit like my beloved Portrait of a Lady, but with sweeter, headier notes.

M: Fine, fine. So it’s a wearable rose scent with a dark heart. In a nice heavy bottle. I like the bottle. It looks like it can double as a paperweight.

E: I think that covers all the salient points. Pierre says you should pschitt it in your hair.

M: Pschitt in your hair? Pierre is a dirty devil of a Frenchman. Did you do it?

E: No. Should I? You’re French, tell me.

M: I think the idea is to get a whiff of dark rose when someone sniffs your hair. The crazy accordion man on the tram, say.

E: I think he likes my usual hair fragrance, Eau de Old El Paso Taco Seasoning, but in the spirit of niche parfumerie, M, I SHALL TRY IT.

M: Are we done here?

E: Yes, yes we are.

M: Excellent. I can return to my feignasserie* générale.

Parfumerie Générale scents are available through Les Senteurs and Lucky Scent including in itty bitty sample sizes. Or at Senteurs d’Ailleurs if you’re in Belgium, like E.


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M likes bright powders in tiny pots and anything that will make her hair more Jen Brill and less Shaun the Sheep.


  • February 19, 2014


    Isparta is a city in Turkey and it is famous for its roses :) He should have selected 32 as the number instead of 26, since 32 is the plate number for Isparta.

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  • March 21, 2014


    My hair always smells like perfume. I’m not even fancy. I just read it somewhere as a small child and clearly remember telling myself that that’s what grown-up ladies do. Today my hair smells like Pomegranate Noir.

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